Reconstruction, Fall 2001: Volume 1, Number 1
ISSN: 1547-4348

Table of Contents:

Editorial Comments

Matthew Wolf-Meyer and Davin Heckman "FAQ"


Marleen S. Barr "The Invisible Can Or, Gendering Corporate Globalization Trouble: Technological Utopianism and the Language of Erasure"

Davin Heckman "The Serial Adventure: Walking in the Mall of America"

Jeremiah Smith "From Johnson to Nixon: Narrative Shifts in Gay Male Pornography"

William L. Svitavsky "Geek Culture: An Annotated Interdisciplinary Bibliography" [updated 01/07/02]

Stewart Varner "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum: The Construction of Memories and the Sanitation of Threats"


Cruse, Howard. Wendel All Together (2001)

Foster, David William, ed. Chicano/Latino Homoerotic Identities (1999)

Grant, Michael, ed.The Modern Fantastic: The Films of David Cronenberg (2001)

Kotkin, Joel. The New Geography: How the Digital Revolution is Reshaping the American Landscape (2000)

Larval. Predator or Prey (2000)

McAllister, Matthew, ed. Comics & Ideology (2001)

McCloud, Scott. Zot!: Hearts and Minds (2000)

Ramakers, Micha. Dirty Pictures: Tom of Finland, Masculinity, and Homosexuality (2000)

Thomas, Jeffrey. Punktown (2000)

Wright, Bradford. Comic Book Nation: The Transformation of Youth Culture in America (2001)

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