Reconstruction, Spring 2002: Volume 2, Number 2
ISSN: 1547-4348

Table of Contents:

Editorial Comments

Davin Heckman & Matthew Wolf-Meyer "Keywords in the Post-Mechanic Codex"


Alan Clinton "Mechanical Angel: Carolyn Forché and the Material Projection of Messianic History"

Roger Dawkins "Making Sense of Matter in Deleuze's Conception of Cinema Language"

Alexandra Ganser "Spectral Riders: Multiple Heritage and the (De-)Construction of History in Ken Kesey's Last Go Round"

Rares Piloiu "Hegemony: Methods and Hypotheses"

Tracy Willard "Tales at the Borders: Fairy Tales and Maternal Cannibalism"

Bilge Yesil "Workplace Surveillance, Inc."

Review Essays

Liam McNamara on Jean Baudrillard's Impossible Exchange (2002)

Rodney Sharkey on Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell's From Hell (1996) and the Hughes Brothers' From Hell (2001)


Abbot, Andrew. Time Matters: On Theory and Method (2001)

Berman, Morris. The Twilight of American Culture (2000)

Glynn, Alan. The Dark Fields (2001)

Khedairi, Betool. A Sky So Close (2001)

May, Lary. The Big Tomorrow (2001)

Miles, Barry. The Beat Hotel: Ginsberg, Burroughs, and Corso in Paris, 1957-1963 (2000)

Moshiri, Farnoosh. At the Wall of the Almighty (2000)

Mujica, Bárbara. Frida (2001)

Speilberg, Steven. A.I. (2001)

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