considering space and identity

Reconstruction, Summer 2002: Volume 2, Number 3
ISSN: 1547-4348

Table of Contents:


Matthew Wolf-Meyer & Davin Heckman "Navigating the Starless Night: Strategies for Understanding Autobiogeography"


Philip Barnes "The Mind Museum: Rudolf Schwarzkogler and the Vienna Actionists"

Farhang Erfani "Being-There and Being-From-Elsewhere: An Existential-Analytic of Exile"

Deirdre Heddon "Autotopography: Graffiti, Landscapes, & Selves"

Leslie Hill "Terra Incognita"

Subhash Jaireth "Remembering Dehlie: A Chrono-topo-graphy of Imagination"

Patricia Monaghan "Becoming Native"

Sally Munt "Framing Intelligibility, Identity and Selfhood: A Reconsideration of Spatio-Temporal Models"

Frédéric Regard "Autobiography and Geography: A Self-Arranging Question"


Michael Ian Borer "The Cyborgian Self: Toward a Critical Social Theory of Cyberspace"

Casey Clabough "'To Blend in the Place You're in, But with a Mind to Do Something': the Practice of Merging in James Dickey's To the White Sea"

Felicity Colman "Passaic Boys are Hell: Robert Smithson's Tag as Temporal and Spatial Marker of the Geographical Self"

Justyna Deszcz "Solaris, America, Disneyworld and Cyberspace: Salman Rushdie's Fairy-Tale Utopianism in Fury"

Liam McNamara "The Ruse of the Social: Human Waste and the Gated Community"

Stuart Oliver "'Rich Earth below the Sand' and the Origins of the Thames Embankments"

Lawrence Phillips "Writing Identity into Space: The relationship between Ethnography, Autobiography, and Space in Bronislaw Malinowski's A Diary in the Strict Sense of the Term and Claude Lévi-Strauss's Tristes Tropiques"

Markus Rheindorf "Processes of Embodiment and Spatialization in the Writings of Paul Auster"

Richard Swope "Supposing a Space: The Detecting Subject in Paul Auster’s City of Glass"

Reviews/Review Essays/Site Reports

Renee Baert on Wendy Kirkup's Echo

Jeremy Crampton on "Cabbagetown: (Re) Placing Identity"

Michael Cumberland on This American Life, Episode 110, "Five Ways to Map the World"

Davin Heckman on William Uspki Wimsatt's Bomb the Suburbs (2000)

Matthew Wolf-Meyer on Michael Bishop's Blue Kansas Sky (2000)


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