Reconstruction, Spring 2003: Volume 3, Number 2
ISSN: 1547-4348

Table of Contents:


Reconstruction "Burn this Journal"


Sarah Brouillette "Paratextuality and Economic Disavowal in Dave Eggers' You Shall Know Our Velocity"

Lincoln Geraghty "Telling Tales of the Future: Science Fiction and Star Trek's Exemplary Narratives"

Alvise Mattozzi "Innovating Superheroes"

Joanne Pearson "Time Wounds All Heels: Duncan, Ballet, and Bataille"

Paul Ward "Animation Studies, Disciplinarity and Discursivity"


An Interview with Ceramics Artist Wendy Walgate by J. Lynn Fraser

Review Essay

Davin Heckman on N. Katherine Hayles' Writing Machines (2002)


Burger With the Works, Please! A Webjournal for Students of the Humanities

Boyne, Roy. Subject, Society, Culture (2001)

Deleuze, Gilles. Pure Immanence, Essays on A Life (2001)

Fernbach, Amanda. Fantasies of Fetishism: From Decadence to the Post-human (2002)

Sword, Helen. Ghostwriting Modernism (2002) and Sconce, Jeffrey. Haunted Media (2000)

Stark, Rodney. One True God: Historical Consequences of Monotheism (2001)

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