Reconstruction, Spring 2004: Volume 4, Number 2
ISSN: 1547-4348

Table of Contents:


Davin Heckman "In Medias Res: An Ordinary Revolution, Part II"


Steve Bailey and Anita Michel "The Photocopied Self: Perzines, Self-Construction, and The Postmodern Identity Crisis"

Rob Cover "From Butler to Buffy: Notes Towards a Strategy for Identity Analysis in Contemporary Television Narrative"

A. Gargett "Apocalypse"

Anton Karl Kozlovic "Plato Means Business in the Republic: A Human Resource Management Critique of the Philosopher-King"

Tony Schirato and Jen Webb "Cultural Literacy and the Field of the Media"

Omar Swartz "On Power and Equity: Toward a Working-Class Rhetoric"

Review Essays

Lauren Elkin on Harvey's Paris, Capital of Modernity (2003)

Davin Heckman on Misa, Brey, and Feenberg's Modernity and Technology (2003)

Matthew Wolf-Meyer on Agamben's The Open (2004)


Faye, Jean Pierre. La Philosophie Désormais (2004)

Habermas, Jurgen. Religion and Rationality (2002)

Max, Berry. Jennifer Government (2003)

Virilio, Paul. Art and Fear (2003)

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