Postmodern Science

Reconstruction, Fall 2004: Volume 4, Number 4
Guest Editors: C. Jason Smith and Robert Froemke
ISSN: 1547-4348

Table of Contents:


C. Jason Smith and Robert Froemke "To See More Clearly and Broadly: Science and the Postmodern Sentiment"


Brent M. Blackwell "Cultural Topology: an Introduction to Postmodern Mathematics"

Michael Hardin "From GUTS to God: Credulity, Postmodernism, and Contemporary Physics"

Benjamin G. Lanier-Nabors "Portals to Knowledge: Confluence and Conflict between Enlightenment and Postmodern Currencies"

J. Linn Mackey "Is Chaos Theory Postmodern Science?"

Brendan Riley "Modularity and Monsters from the Deep"

Dirk Vanderbeke "Of Parts and Wholes: Self-similarity and Synecdoche in Science, Culture and Literature"

Priya Venkatesan"Paradigm Shifts and New Worldviews: Kuhn, Laudan and Discovery in Molecular Biology"

Review Essays

Paula Murphy on Elliot's Concepts of the Self (2001)

Nicholas Ruiz III on Thacker's Biomedia (2004)

Stella Williams on Gallardo and Smith's AlienWoman (2004)


Dube, Saurabh. Stiches on Time: Colonial Textures and Postcolonial Tangles (2003)

Flusser, Vilem. Writings (2002)

Sommer, Doris. Bilingual Aesthetics: A Sentimental Education (2004)

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