Reconstruction 5.2 (Spring 2005):
Reconstructing Media

Guest Editors: Markus Rheindorf and Marc Ouellette


Markus Rheindorf, "An Editorial Introduction to 'Reconstructing Media'"


Christine Scodari and Becky Mulvaney, "Nothing's Gonna Give? Age, Gender, and Cultures of the Screen"

Aliaa Ibrahim Dakroury, "Who Owns the Medium Owns the Message? The Ambiguity of the Right to Communicate in the Age of Convergence"

G. Kim Blank, "CNNing and 'SHOWDOWN: Iraq': News, New Media, and Popular Culture"

Markus Rheindorf, "Notes on Wittgenstein’s Method, the Practice of Cultural History, and Early Film Theory"

David R. Cole, "Reading in the future: literacy and the time of the internet."

Marisol Cortez, "Brown Meets Green: The Political Fecology of"

Laurie N. Taylor, "Fractured Identities: Siblings and Doubles in Video Games"


Judith Reitstaetter, Markus Rheindorf, and Theo van Leeuwen, "Media discourse: Social Semiotics and the study of multimodal discourse. An interview with Theo van Leeuwen"

Review Essays

Graham Barnfield on Bill V. Mullen's Afro-Orientalism

Alan Clinton on Bill Brown's A Sense of Things and Things


Davin Heckman on Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s Player Piano


George Partington on Bruce Springsteen's Devils and Dust

Davin Heckman on iPunkRockBlog

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