Reconstruction Vol. 15, No. 3 (2015): Immersions and Interventions: Convergences in Art and Science Research



Hervé Regnauld

Immersion and Intervention: Convergences in Art and Science Research edited by Hervé Regnauld and Alan Ramón Clinton


From Ethnographic Surrealism to Surrealist Ethnographies, by Anja Schwanhäußer and Stefan Wellgraf

The Art and Science of Literary Study, by Jamie Carr

The Art of Reading Changes; A New Approach to Geographical Landscape, by Edwige Motte

Art, Science, and Politics

Nowhere, Anywhere, Everywhere: Location as Fiction and Function, by Jonny Farrow

Natures Keepers: Constructing Women’s Environmentalism in Green Marketing, by Cara Okopny

Inventions of Activism "World Without Water", by Kalli Paakspuu

Digital Divagations

Paper Fetishes: The Place of the Book in a Digital Ecosystem, by Joshua King

Dig? Dug!: Field Notes from the Microsoft-sponsored Excavation of the Alamogordo, NM Atari Dump Site, by Judd Ethan Ruggill, Ken S. McAllister, Carly A. Kocurek, and Raiford Guins

Nondualism in Vandana Singh, by Amanda Meyer

Dr. Mandelet, review by Richmond Adams

Becoming Moral: Natural Destruction and Ethical Violence In Wuthering Heights, by John Mazzoni


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