Reconstruction Vol. 16, No. 2 (2016): Regionalism, Regional Identity and Queer Asian Cinema


photos courtesy of James A. Wren and Reid Waterer

Introduction to the Special Issue

Six‐pack Twinks, Lipstick Dipsticks and Twice‐touched Teases: Queering the Stereotype in Asian Cinema, by James A. Wren


"Opting‐out": The Cinematic Representation of HIjra in Santhosh Souparnika's Ardhanaari(2012), by Sreedevi T. K.

Gays and Society, Home and the Self: A Study of Rituparno Ghosh's Gay Trilogy, by Akaitab Mukherjee and Rajni Singh

When the Subaltern Screams: Pedophilia and Patriarchy in Humayun Ahmed's Pleasure Boy Kômola (2012), by Golam Rabbani

The Seductive Power of Digital Technology: The "Coming out" of Independent Film in Philippine Cinema, by Roberto Reyes Ang

Hot Boys, Their Bodies, and the City in Vũ Ngọc Đãng's Lost in Paradise (2011), by Nguyễn Quốc Thành

Trans Reality: A Singaporean Malay Muslim in/as a Dance Documentary, by Jun Zubillaga‐Pow

Changing LGBT Narratives in Turkish Cinema, by Murat Akser

Drag Queens, Thorny Devils and Frilled Lizards: "Queerness" Takes to the Outback in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994), by Linda Rohrer Paige

Concealed Fears and the Hyper‐masculinity of Contemporary Korean Gendered Society: Kim Jho Gwangsoo's Just Friends (2009), by JaeWook Ryu

Dolls, Dreams and Drives: Sexual Subjectivity in the Films of Kim Kyung‐Mook, by Earl Jackson, Jr.

Queering Film Location and the Byakkotai: Kinoshita Keisuke's Queer Sensibility and Sekishunchō (1959), by Yutaka Kubo

Off‐Genre: Notes on (Dis)‐Locating Ôshima Nagisa's Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (1983), by Katsuhiko Suganuma

Performing Authorship in a Queer Time and Place: A Case Study of Yonfan, by Shi‐Yan Chao

Hong Kong Women's Queer Porn Tastes and Twink Fantasies, by Katrien Jacobs

Queer and Straight: Finding Love in the Films of Wong Kar Wai, by Chin‐Yi Chung

Excess and Affect in Post‐Traumatic Cinema: Chen Kaige's Farewell My Concubine (1993), by Eunah Lee

Habitats for Whom or What: Barney Cheng's Baby Steps (2015), Affect Politics and Transgender Bodily "Housing," by Lucifer Hung

When Is a Gay‐themed Film Not a Tongzhi Film? Yaoi, BL Films and Gay Exploitation Cinema in Chinese Culture, by Siu Yan Xavier Tam

Free‐Indirect‐Discourse Reboot: Beijing Queer Independent Cinema as a Mediating Environment, by Victor Fan

Directors' Roundtable

A Directors' Roundtable: Introducing Anysay Keola, Leon Cheo, S. Louisa Wei and Reid Waterer

Cinematic Shorts

Swing (2010) / Singapore / dir. Leon Cheo

A Guy Buying a Condom for First Time / Sri Lanka / dir. Uday Ogra

Love Story of a Lovely Tomboy (2012) / Vietnam / dir. Oji Nguyễn

"Do You, Andy?" / Taiwan / Portico Media Productions

I Accept Me: A Short Romantic Silent Film / Pakistan / dir. Danish Khan

You Can't Curry Love (2009) / India and USA / dir. Reid Waterer

When I Become Silent / Japan / dir. Hyoe Yamamoto

Review Essays

A Review of Three Significant Texts: Barbara Mennel's Queer Cinema, Vampires and Gay Cowboys; Katsuhiko Suganuma's Contact Moment: The Politics of Intercultural Desire in Japanese Male‐Queer Cultures; and Yuriko Furuhata's Cinema of Actuality: Japanese Avant‐Garde Filmmaking in the Season of Image Politics, by Frank Jacob

Hoang Tan Nguyen's A View from the Bottom: Asian American Masculinity and Sexual Representation, by Dai Kojima

Shohini Gosh's Fire: A Queer Film Classic, by Crista Zeller Thomas

Kate E. Taylor‐Jones' Rising Sun, Divided Land: Japanese and South Korean Filmmakers, by Hyon Joo Yoo

Apichatpong Weesethakil's Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives (2010), by Kenneth Dobson

Howard Chiang and Ari Larissa Heinrich's Queer Sinophone Cultures, by Maud Lavin

Helen Hok Sze Leung's Farewell My Concubine: A Queer Film Classic, by Andrea Lingenfelter

Ben Murtagh's Gender and Sexualities in Indonesian Cinema: Constructing Gay, Lesbi and Waria Identities on Screen, by Eric Sasono

Liang Shi's Chinese Lesbian Cinema: Mirror Rubbing, Lala and Les, by Rujie Wang

Hard Core: A Review of Shelley Chan's "Not Uncritical" Mo Yan Thought (Part Two of Three), by Jerry Leonard


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