Reconstruction 5.3 (Spring 2005):
Rhetorics of Place

Guest Editors: Michael Benton, Melissa Purdue, and G. Wesley Houp


Michael Benton, "Rhetorics of Place: The Importance of Public Spaces and Public Spheres"


Joy Ackerman, "A Politics of Place: Reading the Signs at Walden Pond"

David Burley, Pam Jenkins, Joanne Darlington, Brian Azcona, "Loss, Attachment, and Place: A Case Study of Grand Isle, Louisiana"

Patrick Howard, "Nurturing Sense of Place Through the Literature of the Bioregion"

Bruce Janz, "Whistler’s Fog and the Aesthetics of Place"

Joy Kennedy, "The Edge of the World"

Michael Kula, "What Have Bagels Got to Do With Midwesternness?"

John Shelton Lawrence and Marty S. Knepper, "Discovering Your Cinematic Cultural Identity"

Harry Olufunwa, "The Place of Race: Ethnicity, Location and 'Progress' in the Fiction of Chinua Achebe and Ralph Ellison"

Anthony M. Orum, "All the World's A Coffee Shop: Reflections on Place, Community and Identity"

Lynda H. Schneekloth and Robert. G. Shibley, "Placemaking: A Democratic Project"

Review Essays

Danny Mayer on Ethan Watter's Urban Tribes: A Generation Redefines Friendship, Family and Commitment

Matthew Ortoleva on McComiskey and Ryan's City Comp: Identities, Spaces, Practices

Rania Masri on Joel Weishaus' Forest Park: A Journal

Christine Cusick on Joel Weishaus' Forest Park: A Journal

Matthew Wolf-Meyer on Cadava and Levy's Cities Without Citizens


Marilyn Yaquinto on Peter Bondanella's Hollywood Italians: Dagos, Palookas, Romeos, Wise Guys, and Sopranos

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