Reconstruction Vol. 6, No. 4, 2006
Theories/Practices of Blogging

Guest Editors: Michael Benton and Lauren Elkin



Michael Benton, "Thoughts on Blogging by a Poorly Masked Academic"



Craig Saper, "Blogademia"

danah boyd, "A Blogger's Blog: Exploring the Definition of a Medium"

Tama Leaver, "Blogging Everyday Life"

Erica Johnson, "Democracy Defended: Polibloggers and the Political Press in America"

Carmel L. Vaisman, "Design and Play: Weblog Genres of Adolescent Girls in Israel"

David Sasaki, "Identity and Credibility in the Global Blogosphere"

Anna Notaro, "The Lo(n)g Revolution: The Blogosphere as an Alternative Public Sphere?"

Esther Herman, "My Life in the Panopticon: Blogging From Iran"

Various Authors, "Webfestschrift for Wealth Bondage/The Happy Tutor" [external link]

Lilia Efimova, "Two papers, me in between" [external link]



Introduction: Lauren Elkin, "Blogging and (Expatriate) Identity"

Various Bloggers, "Why I Blog: Part 1" and "Part 2"


Review Essays

Laxman D. Satya, "The Question is not, 'Can the Subaltern speak?' The Question is, 'Can She be heard?' A Review of Lata Mani's Contentious Traditions: Debate on Sati in Colonial India"

Larry Taylor on "Midwestern Unlike You and Me: New Zealand's Julian Dashper" [art exhibit]



Marc Ouellette on Wheeler Winston Dixon's Film and Television After 9/11

Marc Ouellette on Geoff King and Tanya Krzywinska's ScreenPlay: cinema/videogames/interfaces


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