Reconstruction Vol. 8, No. 1, 2008:
Class, Culture and Public Intellectuals 

Guest Editors: Graham Barnfield, Joseph Ramsey & Victor Cohen


Pessimistic Bear

Graphic by Sean Lane
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Graham BarnfieldVictor Cohen, and Joseph G. Ramsey, "Introducing 'Class, Culture, and Public Intellectuals': a Special Issue of Reconstruction

Brian Thill, "Dissemination, Reconciliation, Authority: On Some Intellectual Keywords"


Popular Front Legacies and Alternatives

William J. Maxwell, "Bureau of Letters: Literary Federalism, the Hoover Raids, and the New Negro Renaissance"

Paula Rabinowitz, "L'America: Woman, Artist, Landscape - Frida Kahlo, Georgia O'Keeffe and Emily Carr, Painters as Theorists of the National Imaginary"

Alice Béja, "Radically American: John Dos Passos, Culture and Politics"

Rich Hancuff, "John Dos Passos, Mike Gold, and the Birth of the New Masses"

Robert Vanderlan, "'Telling the Truth in the Headquarters of Lying': Intellectuals Writing for Fortune Magazine in the 1930s"

John Marsh, "United Auto Writers: Poetry from the United Auto Worker, 1937-1939"

Grover Furr, "Anatomy of an Anticommunist Fabrication: The Death of Oliver Law, An Historiographical Investigation"

Paul M. Heideman, "'Drowning the Past with A Thunderous Shout': Black Culture Workers and McCarthyism"

James Smethurst, "SNYC, Freedomways, and the Influence of the Popular Front in the South on the Black Arts Movement"

Into the Cold War

Christopher D. Craig, "The New Yorker's 'Hiroshima': Tiffany Diamonds, Caribbean Cruises, and the Atomic Bomb"

Brett Gary, "Morris Ernst's Troubled Legacy"

Marvin E. Gettleman, "Defending Left Pedagogy: U.S. Communist Schools Fight Back Against the SACB . . . and Lose (1953-1957)"

James Patrick Brown, "Canons of Dissent: Anarchy, the 'Cold War' Canon, and the Anti-Statist Left in the United States"

James Panton, "Intellectual Influences on the New Left in America: C Wright Mills and Herbert Marcuse"



Joseph G. Ramsey, "'What is the opposite of bullshit?' Possibilities of intellectual engagement, since Sartre: An interview with Bill Martin" Part 1 and Part 2

Victor Cohen, "The Cultural Commons: An Interview with Michael Denning"

Joseph G. Ramsey, "'Reading Forward' from the Left: an interview with Barbara Foley"

Victor Cohen, "Our History of Political Repression: An Interview with Ellen Schrecker"

Joseph G. Ramsey, "Reconstructing the 'Humanscape' of Left Culture and Commitment: an Interview with Alan Wald"


Reconsiderations and Appreciations

Charles D. Cunningham, "The Dialectics of Hope: Marxism and Method in The Cultural Front"

Graham Barnfield, "Shadowy Aesthetics: The Cultural Front, Literary Judgments and Perceptions of Mass Entertainment"

Bill V. Mullen, "Space and Capital in Richard Wright's Native Son and Twelve Million Black Voices"

Amy Gentry, "Hungry Realism: Style and Subjecthood in Meridel Le Sueur's The Girl"

Robert Niemi, "'Dirty Industrial Dawn': Alienation and its Discontents in Harvey Swados' On the Line"

Mark J. Goodman, "Before Moynihan: Stanley Elkins's Slavery(1959), Psychoanalytic Discourse and the Cold War"

Anthony Dawahare, "Tillie Olsen (1912-2007)"


Review Essays

Carl Grey Martin, "'The Outsider' A Review of Ronald Aronson's Camus & Sartre: The Story of a Friendship and the Quarrel that Ended It

Gail Gelburd, "'Cuba: Before the Hype' A Review of !Cuba: Art and History From 1868 to Today"

George Ciccariello-Maher on Abdul R. JanMohamed's The Death-Bound-Subject: Richard Wright's Archaeology of Death

Marc Ouellette on Warren Farrell and James P. Sterba's Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men?



Paul Buhle on Rebels with a Cause, a Collective Memoir of the hopes, rebellions and repression of the 1960s, Helen Garvy, Editor.


Parallels and Paradoxes of the 21st Century: Limitations of the Public Intellectual

Matthew Abraham, "Alan Wald's The New York Intellectuals and the Discourse of Shifting Alliances: Anticommunist Liberalism, Neo-Conservatism, and the Rise of Israelism as a Manifestation of Jewish Nationalism

Andrew Calcutt, "Reconstructing The Public Sphere: from The Paris Review to Intelligent Life"

Manuel Yang, "The New York Intellectuals, the Johnson-Forest Tendency, and the Crisis of Public Intellectuals"


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