Reconstruction Vol. 9, No. 3, 2009

Catlantian Woman 1 "Catlantian Woman"
(ceramic sculpture)
By Eden Grey

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Catlantian Woman 2


Anthony C. Alessandrini, "Darwish's Revenants"

Sandra Grey and Patricia Mooney Nickel, "kiwibrand Globalisation: Banking on Pre-Packaged Artificial Resistance

Diederik F. Janssen, "Transmaturities: Gender Trouble as Tentative Analogue for Maturity Trouble"

Soo Kim, "The Detective and the Witness: An Ethical Friendship in Julian Barnes’ Arthur and George"

Maisha Wester, "Forgetting to Re-member: 'Post-racial' Amnesia and Racial History"


Special Section: Genres

Alan Clinton and Marc Ouellette, "Editors' Introduction"

I. Leaving the Family: Verb and Vision

Tom Lavazzi, "The Moving Figure: Dialogism in Williams' 'The Great Figure.'"

Cyrus Manasseh, "Playgrounds of Disturbance: Bruce Nauman's 'Existentialism' in a Modernist Gallery Space and the Problems of Analogue Video Art in the Gallery"

II. Genre Fictions

Darren Jorgensen, "On the Mediocrity of Arthur C. Clarke's Science Fiction"

Rebecca Hawkins, "Mutating Masculinity: Embodying the Hu(man) in The Hills Have Eyes"

III. Impossibilities of Genre

Bradley High, "Boys Will Be Boys With Boys: the Real and queer subjectivity in film"

Jennifer Grouling Cover and Tim Lockridge, "Icons and Genre: The Affordances of LiveJournal.Com



Scott Inniss on Keith Harris-Kahn's Extreme Metal: Music and Culture on the Edge

Sarah Brouillette on Jean Burgess and Joshua Green's YouTube: Online Video and Participatory Culture

Graham Barnfield on Owen Hatherley's Militant Modernism

Marc Ouellette on Laurie Ouellette and James Hay's Better Living through Reality TV: Television and Post-Welfare Citizenship


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