Reconstruction Vol. 10, No. 1, 2010: Religion and Culture

Creation "Creation"
By Christina Fez-Barringten


Editors' Introduction, Nate Hinerman & Michael Benton

Christina Fez-Barringten and Barie Fez-Barringten, ‘LEGEND’ "A graphic tale of the love generation’s hippie’s sixties started at Haight Ashbury, San Francisco"


Marjo Buitelaar and Nirvana Saad, "Ramadan in Contemporary Cairo: Consumption in the name of Piety and Authenticity"

Donald Gelpi, SJ, edited by Nate Hinerman, PhD, "In Search of A Method: Charles Sanders Peirce’s Contribution to Theology"

Susan M. Kilonzo, Ph.D., "The Cohesive Role of Music, Dance and Traditional Artifacts in African Independent Churches in Western Kenya"

Kenza Oumlil, "Discourses of the Veil in Al-Jazeera English"

Kathleen Vandenberg, "Twentieth Century American Advertising and the Sacred"

Deborah Wills and Erin Steuter, "Gaming at the End of the World: Coercion, Conversion and the Apocalyptic Self in Left Behind: Eternal Forces Digital Play"

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