Reconstruction Vol. 10, No. 2, 2010:
Expertise as Knowledge

Signs "Signs"
By Carrie Sieh


Editor's Introduction, Marc A. Ouellette


Kirsty Best, "Concealing screens: Consent, control and the desiring user"

Scott Francisco, "The Innovation Paradox: How Innovation Products Threaten the Innovation Process"

John V. Knapp, "Literary Quests in Sachar's HOLES: A Middle & High School Game for Literary Learning"

Marc A. Ouellette, "Veni, Vidi, Wiki: Expertise as knowledge and a technocratic generation"

David Prescott-Steed, "Doodle Culture: Meditations on the Great Idle Scrawl"

Jason Tocci, "Arcadian Rhythms: Gaming and Interaction in Social Space"


Lori Martindale, on Paul DeNicola’s Literature as Pure Mediality: Kafka and the Scene of Writing

Lori Martindale, on Bruce Nauman’s Topological Gardens

Marc A. Ouellette, on Maria Plochocki's Body, Letter, and Voice: Constructing Knowledge in Detective Fiction

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