Reconstruction 12.1 (2012): Special Issue: Locations of Stardom / Editors: Lisa Patti and Stanka Radović

"Untitled" by Jackie Zdrojeski

Editors’ Introduction: The Locations of Stardom, by Lisa Patti and Stanka Radović


‘From S.A. to L.A.’: Branding Transport and Circulating Celebrity in South Africa’s Nonhle Goes to Hollywood, by Brandeise Monk-Payton

On the (Im)possibility of Canadian Celebrity, by Michele Byers

‘If it be Love Indeed, Tell Me How Much’: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and White Pleasure After Empire, by Gloria Shin

The Subversion of Abstract Space in U2’s Rhizomatic 1990s, by Anthony Cristofani

White Weddings: New Media Archives and the Transformations of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, by Lisa Patti

Buried Stars in Salman Rushdie’s The Ground Beneath Her Feet, by Stanka Radović

Transnational Oswald: Relocating DeLillo’s Libra, by Michael Mirabile


Television Personalities: Stardom and the Small Screen by James Bennett.  London: Routledge, 2011., by Leah Shafer



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