Reconstruction 12.3 (2012): Theme Issue: (In) Securities

“In the event of Amnesia the City will recall”

a performance by Denis Beaubois Photo: DV Rogers


Editors’ Introduction: Theme Issue: (In)Securities, by Susana S. Martins and Susana Araújo


George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four: Is this where it all began? by Jacinta Maria Matos

“Beautiful, Unethical, Dangerous”: Screening Surveillance and Maintaining Insecurities by Adam Brown and Tony Chalkley

Bulletproof Glass. A Short History of Transparency, Public Space and Surveillance in Amsterdam Nieuw-West by Roel Griffioen

“To Find Places to Draw”: Comics’ Resistance to Insecurity by Pedro Moura

Urban Security and Collapse: Fringe’s Portrayal of the American City as a site of Terror in the 21st Century by Sophie Halliday

‘Martin Amis’ 9/11: The Second Plane' by Ana Raquel Lourenço Fernandes

The Future’s Epic Now: The Time of Security and Risk in Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis by Johannes Voelz


Kircher’s Musurgia Universalis – The Optical Apparatus in the “Theatrical” Court of Hamlet / by Lori M. Martindale


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