Reconstruction 6.1 (Winter 2006):
The Play's the Thing: Games, Gamers and Gaming Cultures

Guest Editors: Matthew Wolf-Meyer and Davin Heckman

P. J. Crook. "The Chess Players." (Click to enlarge).


Matthew Wolf-Meyer and Davin Heckman, "Allegorical Reductions and Social Reconstructions"


Section One: Evolutions/Migrations

Joyce Goggin, "The Playing Card’s Progress: A Brief History of Cards and Card Games"

Claudia Mesch, "Cold War Games and Postwar Art"

Terri Toles Patkin, "Constructing a New Game: J.K. Rowling’s Quidditch and Global Kid Culture"

Anna N. Kushkova, "The Everyday Life of Playing Cards, Ruralism, and the Case of Russian Peasantry"

Section Two: Social Bodies

Melanie Swalwell, "Multi-Player Computer Gaming: ‘Better than playing (PC Games) with yourself’"

Natasha Chen Christensen, "Geeks at Play: Doing Masculinity in an Online Gaming Site"

C. Jason Smith, "Body Matters in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games"

Rebecca Borah and Inez Schaechterle, "More Than Girlfriends, Geekettes, and Gladiatixes: Women, Feminism, and Fantasy Role-Playing Games"

Shawn Thomson, "Making Happiness in West Egg and Simburbia: An Inquiry into Consumption in The Great Gatsby and The Sims"

Section Three: Regimes of Spectatorship

Marc Ouellette, "'When a Killer Body Isn’t Enough': Cross-Gender Identification in Action-Adventure Video Games"

Ben Hourigan, "'You Need Love and Friendship for this Mission!': The Final Fantasy Series as Social Education for Japanese Youth"

Ben Fisler, "Digital Extensions and Performed Players: A Theoretical Model for the Video/Computer Game"

Jay McRoy, "The Horror is Alive: Immersion, Spectatorship, and the Cinematics of Fear in the Survival Horror Genre"

John Miller, "Role Playing Games as Interactive Fiction"

Section Four: Ethics, Ideology and Morality

Karen J. Hall, "Shooters to the Left of Us, Shooters to the Right: First Person Arcade Shooter Video Games, the Violence Debate, and the Legacy of Militarism"

Marc R. Zaldivar, "The Game's Afoot: Games, Science Fiction and Heterotopias"

G. Christopher Williams, "little gods and little heroes: Hyperreal Ethics in god games and Online Gaming"

Samuel Gerald Collins, "Imagined Cities, Real Futures: SimCity and the Co-Production of Urban Dystopias"

Carlos Hernandez, "The Postmodern Hoard: Rates of Exchange in Role-Playing Games"

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