Reconstruction Vol. 8, No. 4, 2008 


Alan Clinton, "Always Passing"

Graham Barnfield and Joseph G. Ramsey, "Facing the Future After Richard Wright" [Special Section]


N'Mah Yilla, "History, Ethnicity and Religion and the Sudanese North-South Conflict"

James Keller, "'God sent me to piss the world off': Eminem, 'Psycho'-Machia, and the Morality Vice"

Tru Leverette, "Guess Who's Welcome to Dinner: Contemporary Interracial Romance and the New Racism"

Mary Elizabeth Adams, "The Color of Permission:  Ritual, Race, and the Tanning Transformation"

Enrico Maria Milič, Enrico Marchetto and Roberto Costa, "So Far From Political Punditry: Everyday Digital Storytelling in Italy"

Yolanda M. Manora, "The Name of the Mother: Modernity, Maternity, and the (Bi)Racialized Failure of Relational Female Subjectivity in Nella Larsen's Quicksand"

Facing the Future After Richard Wright 

(A Follow-up to Reconstruction 8.1)

Kevin Yuill, "Creating an American Music: A Critical View of the Origins of Country" [Part 1]

Kevin Yuill, "Constructing Country: Fakery and 'Strictly American' Music" [Part 2]

Gregory Meyerson, "Aunt Sue's Mistake: False Consciousness in Richard Wright's 'Bright and Morning Star'"

Linda Chavers, "The Spot In The Mirror: The Role of Gender in Richard Wright's Black Boy"

Bill V. Mullen, "Space and Capital in Richard Wright's Native Son and Twelve Million Black Voices" [from Reconstruction 8.1

Nathan Abrams, "Consistently Controversial: Commentary Magazine, 1945 to the Present"

Robert Lesman, "Shifts and Continuities: The Ideological Evolution of José Rodríguez Feo

Nataša Kovačević, "Orientalizing Post/Communism: Europe's 'Wild East' in Literature and Film"



Tomek Kitlinski, Joe Lockard and Stéphane Symons, "Posthumanism of the New Intermedia: The Cellphone Named Desire"

Dina Nashar Baroud, "Fetishizing Death: Hyperspaces for Freedom"


Review Essays

Graham Barnfield on Theodore Dalrymple's Life at the Bottom: The Worldview That Makes the Underclass and Simon Winlow's Badfellas: Crime, Tradition and New Masculinities

Alexandra Ganser on Ian Tyrrell's "Transnational Nation: United States History in Global Perspective"


Samuel Gerald Collins on J. MacGregor Wise's Cultural Globalization: a User's Guide

Christian L. Pyle on Terrence R. Wandtke's (ed.) The Amazing, Transforming Superhero!: Essays on the Revision of Characters in Comic Books, Film and Television


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