Reconstruction Vol. 9, No. 2, 2009:
Avant-Garde as Critical Practice

Editors: Alan Clinton and John Sundholm




Film Still from Tim Sharp's Traveller's Tales

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(Note: It may seem as if the film is not working as there are blue screens present intermittently throughout. You are seeing the video in full as intended by the author. To read about this film see Tim Sharp's Notes & Queries on Traveler's Tales .)



Alan Clinton & John Sundholm, Editor's Introduction



Tim Sharp, Notes & Queries on Traveler's Tales

The Genealogy of Electracy (An Interview with Gregory L. Ulmer)

Special Feature: Pack Observing Art Basel >< Miami Beach 2008
Edited by Walter K. Lew with Alan Clinton
Design by Jeremy James Thompson

With special thanks to Rita K. Wong and 'a'a arts


Nicola Masciandaro "Black Sabbath’s ‘Black Sabbath’: A Gloss on Heavy Metal’s Originary Song"

Joe Culpepper "Flâneurs and Infiltrators (How to Read Cityscapes via Textscapes)"

Holland Wilde "Wilde Emerald"

Dina Smith " Traveling with Holly Golightly: Breakfast at Tiffany’s as Cinderella Mythology"

Kim Paice "Simon Leung Squatting, Waiting"

Alan Clinton "De-Positions"



Maroš Krivý "Notes on Architecture"

Dmitry Sokolenko "The Nabokov Riddle"



Lars Gustaf Andersson on The Aesthetics of Resistance

Alan Clinton on Derrida & Cixous on An Alchemist With One Eye on Fire, and on Dorsality: Thinking Back through Technology and Politics


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