Reconstruction Vol. 11, No. 4, 2011: “Something to occupy the time:” Activism and Anagnorisis

"St. James Park, Toronto" by Michelle Ouellette

Editor's Introduction:

"Something to occupy the time": Activism and Anagnorisis, by Marc Ouellette


Talking to Yourself: Garfield Minus Garfield as an Introduction to Techno-Companionship, by Andy Engel

Cabelian Way, by Mike DuBose and Cristian Pralea

American Circus Re-Invented: Queering Cirque Du Soleil, by Michael Johnson Jr.

Wincest is the Best, or, Raep is What Happens When You Say No: Subversive Humor and Serious Business in Capslock Supernatural, by Britt Eira Long

Poetics: Performance and Genre Bending

Absence and Sociality in Live Film Narration: Poets of the Unreeled in Miami, by Alan Clinton

Essaying the Essay: Tsering Wangmo Dhompa’s My rice tastes like the lake, by Alan Clinton

She Breaks Up with Paintings; by Alan Clinton, poems by Amanda Tai


War on Terror by Other Means: The Media Industries after 9/11, by Graham Barnfield and Philip Hammond


Post-9/11 Nihilism and the Mission for Meaning, by Bill Durodie


Reporting War? The Charge of the Knights, by Janet Harris

A Theory of Brand WW2, by Jonathan M. Bullinger and Andrew J. Salvati


The ‘Apolitical’ Cinema of 9/11, by Arin Keeble

Nikita Mikhalkov’s Cinematic Verdict on Contemporary Russia, by Yuliya Ladygina

Bauer Power: 24 and the Making of an American, by Mike Dillon

The Muslim-American Neighbour as Terrorist: The Representation of a Muslim Family in 24, by Rolf Halse

The Depiction of Terrorism in 24: The Inescapable Catastrophe, by Francesca Negri

"I believe whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you...stranger": Discourses of terrorism and counter-terrorism in The Dark Knight, by Barbara Wopperer


In the Jaws of the Leviathan: Genocide Fiction and Film by Joya Uraizee. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010, by Shazia Rahman

Bourdieu, Language and the Media by John Myles. New York and Houndmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010; 978-0-230-22209-0; Hardcover: $80.00, by Mark Beachill

Theory After Derrida: Essays in Critical Praxis edited by Edited by Kailash C. Baral and R. Radhakrishnan: Routledge, 2009; ISBN 978-0-415-48447-3; Hard cover: $110.00 (South Asia only), by Marc Ouellette


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