Reconstruction 12.2 (2012): Special Issue: Playing for Keeps: Games and Cultural Resistance

"An impromptu game of an impromptu game: shinny at Nathan Philips Square while protesting the invasion of Iraq, 20 March 2004." by Marc Ouellette

Editors’ Introduction: Games and/as Resistance, by Marc Ouellette and Jason Thompson


Playing a New Game: Game Play as Play, by Beth Beggs

Level up—A Case for Female Gamers, by Kuljit Brar

Destroying Yesterday’s World of Tomorrow: Playing in the Wasteland of Fallout 3, by Rowan Derrick

Gender Issues, Fighting Games, and Progress: An Analysis of a Genderless Character in Tekken 6, by Leland Fecher

Mass Effect’s Joker, the Supercrip, and the Normate Body, by Amanda Joyal

Ga(y)mer Theory: Queer Modding as Resistance, by Evan W. Lauteria

Playing at Resistance to Capitalism: BioShock as the Reification of Neoliberal Ideals, by Thijs van de Berg


Modes of Resistance: A Critical Discussion of ‘Hey Baby.’ Participants: Street Harassment scholar Holly Kearl, and Men’s Anti-Violence Council member Jerrod Koon, by Derrais Carter


An Interview with Francisco Ortega, creator of Crossing the Bridge, Observance: The Board Game, and H1-B: The Board Game, by Marc Ouellette and Jason Thompson


Judd Ethan Ruggill and Kenneth S. McAllister’s Gaming Matters, by Marc Ouellette

David Myers’ Play Redux: The Form of Computer Games, by Daniel Tennant


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