Reconstruction Vol. 14, No. 3 (2014): Special Issue: Spatial Literary Studies

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Carolina Cambre

Introduction by Robert T. Tally Jr

Albrecht Selge, from Wach (Lucid)

Excerpt from Wach (Lucid), by Albrecht Selge [translated by Angela Flury]

Translator's Comments: Albrecht Selge "Losing Track" by Angela Flury

Geocritical Theory and Practice

Geocriticism at a Crossroads: An Overview, by Mariya Shymchyshyn

How to Do Narratives with Maps?: Cartography as a Performative Act in Gulliver’s Travels and Through the Looking Glass, by Emmanuelle Peraldo and Yann Calbérac

Locating the Limits and Possibilities of Place, by Jessica Maucione

Geographies of the Text

Mallarmé, Poet of the Earthly World: On Spatiality in L’Après midi d’un Faune, by Rogério de Melo Franco

Zola’s Spatial Explorations of Second Empire Paris, by Julia Kröger

Becoming Nomadic: The Radical “Demonic” Geographies of M. NourbeSe Philip’s Looking for Livingstone: An Odyssey of Silence, by Kate Siklosi

You’ve been here before?: Space and Memory in Stephen Poliakoff’s Dramas, by Elizabeth Robertson

Geography in the Text

Caves as Anti-Places: Robert Penn Warren’s The Cave and Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God, by Ralph Crane and Lisa Fletcher

A Geocritical Approach to the Role of the Desert in Penelope Lively’s Moon Tiger and Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient, by Sarah Ager

Isolated Spaces, Fragmented Places: Caryl Phillips’s Ghettos in The Nature of Blood and The European Tribe, by İ.Murat Öner and Mustafa Bal

Eternal Return and the City/Country Dynamic in Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being, by Adam McKee

Transgression, Boundaries, and Power: Rethinking the Space of Postcolonial Literature, by Dustin Crowley

Rethinking the Beginning: Toni Morrison and the Dramatization of Liminality, by Michelle Dreiding


“Literary Cartography in an Age of Interconnectedness” (reviewing Spatiality by Robert T. Tally Jr.), by Matt Hudson


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