Reconstruction Vol. 15, No. 2 (2015): Resisting and Reproducing: Reconstructing the matrix of sexual politics in Greater China and Singapore

Cover Art (and album) by Eden Grey

Introduction of the Special Issue: Manufacturing the Sex(ual) / Gender Justice Machine in Greater China and Singapore, Possible?, by Man-chung Chiu


‘What is Xing?’: Defining Sexuality in Young Urban Chinese Women’s Daily Lives, by Ying-ying Huang

For Whom Are Child Protection Provisions Intended? An Argument about the Taiwan Railways Public Sex Event, by Ya-fei Hsu

‘Is it a teen film?’: Girl in Hong Kong cinema, by Chui-ping Iris Kam

Moral Populism: A New Political Affinity of Sexuality, the Body and Democracy, by Man-kit Cho Joseph

'Deterritorializing Sexuality, Act(less)ing Justice': Žižekian / Deleuzean / Lao Zi’s Perspective on Hong Kong Rape Law Reform, by Man-chung Chiu

Section 377A in Singapore and the (De)Criminalization of Homosexuality, by George Radics

Review Essay

Hard Core: Shelley Chan's "Not Uncritical" Mo Yan Thought (Part One of Three), by Jerry Xie


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