Reconstruction 5.1 (Winter 2005)


Davin Heckman, "Editorial"


Camelia Elias, "The Graveyard of Genre: David Markson's Postmodern Epitaphs"

Philip Leonard, "Spivak after Marx after Derrida"

Simone Roberts, "Burn the Panopticon: Irigaray's Ethics, Difference, Poetics"

Jake Kennedy, "'But who is any longer interested in the possible?': Kathy Acker in Hell Failing Fuck You"

Anthony Lambert, "I Connect Therefore I Am: Connectivity and Networking in Bodies, Technologies, Communities, and Selves"

David Houston Jones, "The Body Eclectic: Viewing Bodily Modification in David Nebreda"

Review Essays

Larry M. Taylor on Losing the Instructions

Samuel Gerald Collins on Don DeLillo's Cosmopolis

Ali Rizvi on David Owen's Between Reason and History


David Banash on Michael Bérubé's The Aesthetics of Cultural Studies

Hervé Regnauld on Bruce Fink's Lacan to the Letter

Alan Clinton on Gregory L. Ulmer's Internet Invention: From Literacy to Electracy

Davin Heckman on Stephen Hodge, Simon Persighetti, Phil Smith, Cathy Turner, and Tony Weaver's An Exeter Mis-Guide

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