Reconstruction Vol. 7, No. 2, 2007
Eco-Cultures: Culture Studies and the Environment

Guest Editors: Alexandra Ganser and Vibha Arora

Graphic by Bernd Ganser


Alexandra Ganser and Vibha Arora, "Introduction"



Amanda Boetzkes, "Contemporary Art Facing the Earth’s Irreducibility"

Catherine M. Roach, "Thinking Like a God: Nature Imagery in Advertising"

Mary Newell, "Gestures toward Cross-Species Reciprocal Relations in Contemporary Poetics"

Lisa Uddin, "Bird Watching: Global-Natural Worlds and the Popular Reception of Winged Migration "

Chris Drinkwater, "Deep Ecology and Postmodernity: Making space for conversation"

Stephanie Posthumus, "Translating Ecocriticism: Dialoguing with Michel Serres"

Chia-ju Chang, "Reconciling Ethnicity, Subalternity and Chinese Eco-aesthetics: Human and Animal Subjects in Lu Chuan's Kekexili: Mountain Patrol"

Don Romesburg, "Camping Out with Ray Bourbon: Female Impersonators and Queer Dread of Wide-Open Spaces"

Brian Black, "Addressing the Nature of Gettysburg: 'Addition and Detraction' in Preserving an American Shrine"

Lori Martindale, "Can Nature's Language be Written, Spoken, and Heard? Mahasweta Devi's 'Pterodactyl' and Marlene Nourbese Philip's Looking for Livingstone"

Sabine Wilke, "Albert Bierstadt's Images of the American West: An Eco-Critical Reflection on Nature Painting"

Phylis Johnson, "Women of the New Walden: Gender in Sound Culture, Now and Then"


Creative Works

Rob Baum, "The World is White and Slow and Infinitely Flat"

Rosemarie Rowley, "Early Days in the Green Movement: A Personal Account"

Casey Clabough, "Here"

Gayle Goldstick, "Norris - A Growing Plant"

Anand Silodia, "Nature in Ayn Rand's Fountainhead"



Uwe Küchler on Restoring the Connection to the Natural World: Essays on the African American Environmental Imagination

Vibha Arora on Ann Larabee's Decade of Disaster

N. Kipgen on P.S. Ramakrishnan et al.'s One Sun, Two Worlds: An Ecological Journey

Laxman D. Satya on Nicholas B. Dirks' Castes of Mind: Colonialism and the Making of Modern India



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