Reconstruction 12.4 (2013): Open Issue:


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Corinne Thiessen Hepher

Medium: under garments, nylon pantyhose,
polyester fill.


Editors’ Introduction: Open Issue, "Making sense of the senseless: A case for the insufficiency of theory and hermeneutics." by Marc Ouellette


Toward a Concept of Post-Postmodernism or Lady Gaga’s Reconfigurations of Madonna by Danuta Fjellestad and Maria Engberg

“Safe, Humane, Legal, Transparent”: State Visions of Guantánamo Bay by Rebecca A. Adelman

Of Zombies, AIDS, and “Africa”: Non‐Western Disease and the “Raciocultural” Imagination by Richard Brock

Reverse Sexology: Turn-of-the-Century Discourses of Sexuality and the Limits of Identity in David Leavitt’s The Indian Clerk by Helena Gurfinkel

Gastrophilanthropy: Utopian Aspiration and Aspirational Consumption as Political Retreat by Patricia Mooney Nickel and Angela M. Eikenberry

Unmanned Signatures by Brian Macaskill

Effects of Globalization on Awki Names: A Sociolinguist Overview by Udoye Ifeoma Emmanuela

Reading Duhamel, Kocot, and Lease with Altieri's The Particulars of Rapture by Thomas Fink

The Tarot of Jane Austen: Re-Envisioning the World by Emily Auger

Unusual Suspects: Mutopia 7 in Banff by Alan Ramón Clinton

I, Tribe: Anthropological Poems by Vincent Caruso


Yanes, Nicholas A. and Derrais Carter. The Iconic Obama, 2007-2009: Essays on Media Representations of the Candidate and New President. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc., 2012, by Molly Brost


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