Reconstruction Vol. 8, No. 3, 2008:
Visualization and Narrative 

Guest Editor: Adam Ganz and Lina Khatib


NASA/JPL/University of Arizona
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Adam Ganz, "Visualization and Narrative"



Chiara Armentano, "'The Image-Interface': New Forms of Narrative Visualization, Space and Time in Postmodern Cinema"

Marshall Deutelbaum, "The Structure of Hong Sangsoo's The Power of Kangwon Province"

Stewart McKie, "Screenplay Visualization: Concepts and Practice"

Ashley Holmes, "Syncretism in narrativity, visuality and tactility: a case study of information visualization concerning a news media event"

Ingrida Povidiša, "Bones to Read: An Interpretation of Forensic Crime Fiction"


Photo Essay

Peter Robinson, "Before the Law"


Review Essays

Mike DuBose on Davin Heckman's A Small World: Smart Houses and the Dream of the Perfect Day

Farhang Erfani on Rupert Read's Philosophy for Life

Barry King on Cornel Sandvoss's Fans: the Mirror of Consumption


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