Reconstruction Vol. 9, No. 1, 2009: Fieldwork and Interdisciplinary Modes of Knowing

Guest Editors: Vibha Arora and Justin Scott-Coe





Vibha Arora and Justin Scott-Coe, "Fieldwork and Interdisciplinary Research"



Locating the self in the Field

Irmi Karl, "Technology and Women's Lives: Queering Media Ethnography"

Rhonda Dass, "Avoiding the Peep Show: Talking from within the Tattoo Community"

Rina Sherman, "Reading Between the Lines: Understanding Assistants in Fieldwork"

Knowing as Experience and Performance

Elizabeth Wood and Kiersten F. Latham, "Object Knowledge: Researching Objects in the Museum Experience"

Alyssa Grossman and Selena Kimball, "The Memory Archive: Filmic Collaborations in Art and Anthropology"

Lauren Jones & Jonathan Arries, "Searching for Conscientização: Mentoring Fieldwork in International Service-learning"

Brian Winkenweder, "The Homometrics of eInterviews"

Kate Rossmanith, "Making Theatre-Making: Fieldwork, rehearsal and performance-preparation"

Interdisciplinary Modes of Knowing

Christina Weber, "Methodological Approaches to Studying the Social Monad: A Consideration of Interdisciplinary Sociological Research"

Rachel Hurst, "Complicated Conversations between Interviewing and Psychoanalytic Theory"

Robert Moses Peaslee, "Practice in mediated space: Engaging 'Hobbiton' and its visitors through a constructivist media anthropology"


Review Essays

Marc Ouellette on Laurie Ouellete and James Hay's Better Living through Reality TV: Television and Post-Welfare Citizenship

Sandy Marshall on S. Nutall and A Mmembe, eds. Johannesburg: The Elusive Metropolis



Davin Heckman on Bernard Steigler's Acting Out. Trans. David Barison, Daniel Ross, and Patrick Crogan

Bennett Huffman on Ruth Van Dyke's The Chaco Experience: Landscape and Ideology at the Center Place


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