Reconstruction Vol. 11, No. 1, 2011: Multilingual Realities in Translation, edited by Angela Flury and Hervé Regnauld

"Turmbau zu Babel" by Ben Ulke

Editors’ Introduction
, by Angela Flury and Hervé Regnauld


"Decotitles, the Animated Discourse of Fox's Recent Anglophonic Internationalism" by DT Kofoed

"Call Center Cultures and the Transnationalization of Affective Labor", by John Muthyala

"Mapping Desire and Transgression Through Other Languages: Sex and the (Occasionally Multilingual) Provincial City", by Karen Rodríguez

"Untranslatable Realities", by Eva Repouscou

"The Spectropoetics of Trauma: Ghosts, Language, and the Wound in Nightwood", by Brad Baumgartner

"Facing off: French and English in Bon Cop, Bad Cop", by Heather Macdougall

"The Symbolic Return in Joy Kogawa’s Novel Obasan", by Catalina Florina Florescu


Kevin Howley on Esperança Bielsa and Susan Bassnett’s Translation in Global News

Sandro Barros on Suzanne Jill Levine’s The Subversive Scribe

Lars Gustaf Andersson on Cotten and Cmelka's I, Coleoptile


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