Reconstruction 6.3 (Summer 2006)
Water: Resources & Discourses

Guest Editors: Justin Scott-Coe and W. Scott Howard

Basia Irland, "Salt Boat II"
(click here to see top view and details)


Justin Scott-Coe and W. Scott Howard, "Writing on Water: Resources, Discourses, Reflections"




Jamie Linton, "The Social Nature of Natural Resources - the Case of Water"

Margaret H. Ferris, "When the Well Runs Dry: An Exploration of Water Conservation and Blue Theology"

Fiona Allon, "Dams, Plants, Pipes and Flows: From Big Water to Everyday Water"

Tiffany Holmes, "Environmental Awareness through Eco-visualization: Combining Art and Technology to Promote Sustainability"


Julie Trottier, "Donors, Modellers and Development Brokers: The Pork Barrel of Water Management Research"

Daniel Fusch, "Lagu and Belu: The Semiotics of Bottled Water Packaging"

Ray Chandrasekara and John M. Polimeni, "Water, Development, and State Security in South Asia: Scenarios for China and India"


T.S. McMillin, "Overlooking, Rivers, Looking Over"

Kathryn Miles, "Growing Up With Glen"

W. Scott Howard, "Literal/Littoral Crossings: Re-Articulating Hope Atherton’s Story After Susan Howe’s Articulation of Sound Forms in Time"

Stefan Helmreich, "Time and the Tsunami"



Basia Irland, "Being Boat," Images

Michelle Eischen, Paintings

Debra Livingston, Photographic Water Images


Review Essays

Bradley John Monsma on Roxana Robinson's Sweetwater



Katie Ahearn on The Environmental Justice Reader: Politics, Poetics & Pedagogy

Cory Shaman on David N. Cassuto's Dripping Dry: Literature, Politics, and Water in the Desert Southwest


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