Reconstruction Vol. 16, No. 1 (2016): Archives on Fire: Artifacts & Works, Communities & Fields

Edited by W. Scott Howard



Archives on Fire: Particle, Wave, and Field, by W. Scott Howard


A Live Finding Aid of Archival Ethnographies, by Janet Ceja Alcalá

Graphic and Digital Keats: “La Belle Dame sans Merci” in Poetry Comics, by Brian Bates

Archiving Academic Tweets: The Digital Backchannel as an Ephemeral Archive, by Ashley Hall

Reconstructing History: African American Alumnae at the University of Denver, by Katherine M. Crowe, and Nicole M. Joseph

Archives, Museum Objects and Digital Humanities: Supplementing Exhibits with Aural Object Contexts, by Jennifer Ware

Affordances and Possibilities around the Personal Portable Library in Art and Research, by Henry Warwick


Reanimating the Archive: Collaboration and Performance with the Voices of the Dead, by Erin R. Anderson

Gesture, Intimacy, and Violence in Contemporary Artists’ Books, by Lauren Benke

To Show them and to Share Them: Maureen Cummins, Archives, and Book Arts, by Katherine M. Crowe, and Maureen Cummins

Nature & Spirit: A Digital Lens of Gay-Male Culture, by Brandon S. Gellis

Making the Posters Dance: Victor Moscoso’s Four-Dimensional Posters and Adventures in Exhibition Concept, Design, and Archiving, by Scott B. Montgomery

Requiems, Reports, Resurrections: Archives and the Alchemy of Historical Inquiry, by Tayana L. Hardin, Paul M. Farber, and Grace L. Sanders-Johnson


Code Drawings in Hopscotch, by Rafael Fajardo


The Archive is Not An Archives: Acknowledging the Intellectual Contributions of Archival Studies, by Michelle Caswell

The Perpetual Archive: Mapping Living Archive as Inventory, by Jenny Filipetti

MediaNOLA on Fire, by Mike F. Griffith, and Vicki A. Mayer

Archimorphosis, by Brigitte Ouvry-Vial, and Yannick Estève

Programming (Bi)Cultural Memory: Remembrance, Reinvention, and Commemorative Vigilance at the Film Archive, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, by Simon Sigley

Archives Without Archivists, by Eira Tansey


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